"Quadrotriticale is a four grain hybrid of wheat and rye. It's root grain, triticale, can trace its origin all the way back to 20th century Canada..."
- Spock TOS #42 "The Trouble With Tribbles"

Well Mr. Spock isn't exactly on the ball with that one. Research on the world-wide-web has shown that the first such hybrid of wheat and rye, actually forming triticale, first occurred in 1875 Scotland. The first published occurrence of the name, "triticale" occurred in 1935 Germany. The first Canadian reference that can be found is about the first triticale cultivar for North America being from Canadian Release, called Rosner.

However until roughly 1959, little effort had been made to produce a high yield crop. Now here's what Commander Spock probably referring to: the University of Manitoba began the first intensive program for the production of triticale, coming up with both winter and spring types of the grain.

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