Canadian-Born Original Series Actors

(Last, First)
Date Of Birth Place
(City, Province)
Appeared In (Character)
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Acker, Sharon IMDb link 2 April 1935 Toronto, Ontario TOS #72 "The Mark Of Gideon" (Odona)
Colicos, John IMDb link 10 December 1928 Toronto, Ontario TOS #27 "Errand Of Mercy" (Kor)
Carlyle, Richard IMDb link 20 March 1920 St. Catherine's, Ontario TOS #18 "The Squire Of Gothos" (Karl Jaeger)
Doohan, James IMDb link 3 March 1920 Vancouver, B.C. Original Series (Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott)
Jenson, Roy IMDb link 1935 Canada TOS #54 "The Omega Glory" (Cloud William)
Plummer, Christopher IMDb link 13 December 1927 Toronto, Ontario Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (General Chang)
Rodriguez, Percy IMDb link 13 June 1924 Montréal, Québec TOS #15 "Court Martial (Commodore Stone)
Sage, Willard IMDb link 13 August 1922 Canada TOS #63 "The Empath" (Thann)
Shatner, William IMDb link 22 March 1931 Montréal, Québec Original Series (Captain James T. Kirk)

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