Canadian-Born Star Trek Actors

(Last, First)
Date Of Birth Place
(City, Province)
Appeared In (Character)
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Dennis, Charles IMDb link 16 December 1946 Toronto, Ontario TNG #173 "Transfigurations" (Commander Sunad)
Doohan, James IMDb link 3 March 1920 Vancouver, B.C. TNG #230 "Relics" (Captain Montgomery Scott)
Ito, Robert IMDb link 2 July 1931 Vancouver, B.C. TNG #119 "Coming Of Age" (Tactical Officer Lt. Chang);
Jackson, Tom IMDb link Unknown Winnipeg, Manitoba TNG #272 "Journey's End" (Lakanta)
Jarvis, Graham IMDb link 25 August 1930 Toronto, Ontario TNG #208 "Unification I" (Klim Dokachin)
Keane, Kerrie IMDb link Unknown Canada TNG #160 "The High Ground" (Alexana Devos)
Magee, Tom IMDb link 1958 Canada TNG #187 "Devil's Due (Fek'lyr)
Markle, Stephen IMDb link 26 September Toronto, Ontario TNG #166 "Allegiance" (Kova Tholl)
McLiam, John IMDb link 24 January 1918 Alberta TNG #152 "Who Watches The Watchers" (Fento)
Regehr, Duncan IMDb link 5 October 1952 Lethbridge, Alberta TNG #266 "Sub Rosa" (Ronin)
Scarabelli, Michele IMDb link 11 April 1955 Montréal, Québec TNG #199 "In Theory" (Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora)
Shatner, William IMDb link 22 March 1931 Montréal, Québec Star Trek Generations (Captain James T. Kirk)
Thompson, Scott IMDb link 12 June 1959 North Bay, Ontario TNG #156 "The Price" (DaiMon Goss)
Thorson, Linda IMDb link 18 June 1947 Toronto, Ontario TNG #246 "The Chase" (Gul Ocett)
Walsh, Gwynyth IMDb link Unknown Winnipeg, Manitoba TNG #200 "Redemption I" (B'Etor); TNG #201 "Redemption II" (B'Etor); TNG #273 "Firstborn" (B'Etor); ST VII "Star Trek: Generations" (B'Etor);
Williams, Barbara IMDb link Unknown Vancouver Island, B.C. TNG #254 "Liaisons" (Anna)

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