Canadian-Born Star Trek Actors

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Date Of Birth Place
(City, Province)
Appeared In (Character)
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Acker, Sharon IMDb link 2 April 1935 Toronto, Ontario TOS #72 "The Mark Of Gideon" (Odona)
Cariou, Len IMDb link 30 September 1939 Winnipeg, Manitoba VOY #858 "Coda" (Vice Admiral Edward Janeway)
Colicos, John IMDb link 10 December 1928 Toronto, Ontario TOS #27 "Errand Of Mercy" (Kor); DS9 #439 "Blood Oath" (Kor); DS9 #481 "The Sword Of Kahless" (Kor); DS9 #557 "Once More Unto The Breach" (Kor)
Carlyle, Richard IMDb link 20 March 1920 St. Catherine's, Ontario TOS #18 "The Squire Of Gothos" (Karl Jaeger)
De Boer, Nicole IMDb link 20 December 1970 Toronto, Ontario DS9 Season 7 (Lieutenant Ezri Dax)
Dennis, Charles IMDb link 16 December 1946 Toronto, Ontario TNG #173 "Transfigurations" (Commander Sunad)
Doohan, James IMDb link 3 March 1920 Vancouver, B.C. Original Series (Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott)
Forsyth, Rosemary IMDb link 6 July 1943 Montréal, Québec VOY #875 "Scientific Method" (Alzen)
Ito, Robert IMDb link 2 July 1931 Vancouver, B.C. TNG #119 "Coming Of Age" (Tactical Officer Lt. Chang); VOY #966 "Author, Author" (John Kim)
Jackson, Tom IMDb link Unknown Winnipeg, Manitoba TNG #272 "Journey's End" (Lakanta)
Jarvis, Graham IMDb link 25 August 1930 Toronto, Ontario TNG #208 "Unification I" (Klim Dokachin)
Jenson, Roy IMDb link 1935 Canada TOS #54 "The Omega Glory" (Cloud William)
Joy, Robert IMDb link 17 August 1951 Montréal, Québec VOY #963 "Workforce, Part II" (Inspector Yerid)
Keane, Kerrie IMDb link Unknown Canada TNG #160 "The High Ground" (Alexana Devos)
Magee, Tom IMDb link 1958 Canada TNG #187 "Devil's Due (Fek'lyr)
Markle, Stephen IMDb link 26 September Toronto, Ontario TNG #166 "Allegiance" (Kova Tholl)
McHattie, Stephen IMDb link 3 February 1947 Antigonish, Nova Scotia DS9 #543 "In The Pale Moonlight" (Romulan Senator Vreenak)
McLiam, John IMDb link 24 January 1918 Alberta TNG #152 "Who Watches The Watchers" (Fento)
Mahonen, Michael IMDb link 27 April 1964 Kirkland Lake, Ontario VOY #871 "Nemesis" (Brone)
Popowich, Paul IMDb link 2 March 1973 Stoney Creek, Ontario DS9 #546 "Valiant" (Captain Tim Watters)
Plummer, Christopher IMDb link 13 December 1927 Toronto, Ontario Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (General Chang)
Rankin, Claire IMDb link 23 January Prince Edward Island VOY #926 "Alice" (Alice)
Regehr, Duncan IMDb link 5 October 1952 Lethbridge, Alberta TNG #266 "Sub Rosa" (Ronin); DS9 #470 "Shakaar" (Shakaar Edon); DS9 #485 "Crossfire" (First Minister Shakaar Edon); DS9 #485 "Crossfire" (First Minister Shakaar Edon); DS9 #510 "The Begotten" (First Minister Shakaar Edon)
Rodriguez, Percy IMDb link 13 June 1924 Montréal, Québec TOS #15 "Court Martial (Commodore Stone)
Sage, Willard IMDb link 13 August 1922 Canada TOS #63 "The Empath" (Thann)
Sarrazin, Michael IMDb link 22 May 1940 Québec, Québec DS9 #495 "The Quickening" (Trevean)
Scarabelli, Michele IMDb link 11 April 1955 Montréal, Québec TNG #199 "In Theory" (Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora)
Shatner, William IMDb link 22 March 1931 Montréal, Québec Original Series (Captain James T. Kirk)
Thomas, Tamara Craig IMDb link Unknown Whitby, Ontario VOY #943 "Life Line" (Haley)
Thompson, Scott IMDb link 12 June 1959 North Bay, Ontario TNG #156 "The Price" (DaiMon Goss); TNG #916 "Someone To Watch Over Me" (Tomin)
Thorson, Linda IMDb link 18 June 1947 Toronto Ontario TNG #246 "The Chase" (Gul Ocett)
Walsh, Gwynyth IMDb link Unknown Winnipeg, Manitoba TNG #200 "Redemption I" (B'Etor); TNG #201 "Redemption II" (B'Etor); DS9 #404 "Past Prologue" (B'Etor); TNG #273 "Firstborn" (B'Etor); ST VII "Star Trek: Generations" (B'Etor);
Williams, Barbara IMDb link Unknown Vancouver Island, B.C. TNG #254 "Liaisons" (Anna)
Worden, Marc IMDb link 5 June 1976 Toronto, Ontario DS9 #526 "Sons And Daughters" (Alexander Rozhenko); DS9 #531 "You Are Cordially Invited..." (Alexander Rozhenko)
Udy, Helene IMDb link 1 November 1962 Montréal Québec DS9 #427 "Rules Of Acquisition" (Pel)
Young, Heather IMDb link 23 February 1975 Burlington, Ontario VOY #966 "Author, Author" (Female Sickbay Crewmember)

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