William Shatner University Centre

McGill University

Montréal, Québec

SSMU - University Centre (William Shatner University Centre) William Shatner was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. It was here where he attended McGill University, from which he graduated in 1952.

In 1992 the students of McGill University held a referendum and voted in favour of renaming their Student Union Building the William Shatner Building in honour of his achievements as an actor/director/writer. Though still not officially recognized as the William Shatner Building by the University, it is commonly referred to as such by many. Read more 1. Read more 2.

Shatner himself has only returned to McGill once since his graduation, in the Summer of 1999,, when he went with a television crew from the CBC Television's Life & Times who were doing a biography on him. Read more. Roddick Gates - Main Entrance to McGill`s Downtown Campus

Check out a review of William Shatner's Autobiography written by McGill's Alumni Staff.

Also check out "Mirror, Mirror?: The Politics of Television Science Fiction" - An essay by Rex Brynen, an associate professor of Political Science at McGill University.

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