According to various Star Trek episodes, the Ioconians were an ancient warrior race, that appeared to be able to transport themselves lightyears across the galaxy. They accomplished this with gateways leading to various parts of the galaxy. In the Star Trek universe, two such gateways have been located. The first within the Romulan/Federation Neutral Zone in the Alpha Quadrant (TNG #137 "Contagion"). The second in the Gamma Quadrant (DS9 #496 "To The Death").

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto. Home to Toronto's City Hall. From these two curved office towers, with a saucer-shaped council chamber, all atop a 2-story podium, the mayor of Toronto runs his/her vast metropolitan. Many community events for the city are held in the square these towers overlook. Everything from art shows to concerts. There's even ice skating in wintertime, on the pool that lays still in front of city hall the rest of the year.

Adjacent to the two curved towers, that comprise the present city hall, is a much older castle like building, reminiscent of the Parliament buildings in Canada's Capital, Ottawa. This building is Toronto's Old City Hall. Constructed in the late 1800's over 20 years, labour disputes, contractor scandals, and fights among city councillors. Originally started as a city courthouse, by it's opening date of 18 September 1899, it was decided that City Hall and the courthouse would share the building. Located at the corner of Queen and Bay Streets, in total it's construction ran almost $2 million over-budget. In 1965, City Council moved to New City Hall (the building with the two curved towers). When that happened, Old City Hall nearly got the wrecking ball. However, in 1989 it was finally declared a National Historic Site.

Toronto's new city hall came about when then-mayor Nathan Phillips, introduced a contest for the best design of a new city hall. After 520 submissions from 42 countries, Finnish architect Viljo Revell had his design chosen, and constructed to open in 1965.

Now you may be asking yourself just what does Toronto City Hall or Nathan Phillips Square have to do with Iconia or even Star Trek in general for that matter. Well, in a second season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, entitled "Contagion", where Picard, Data and Worf find and open the Alpha Quadrant Iconian Gateway, the Gateway flashes scenes or destinations of different places in the galaxy. Some places shown were the bridge of the Enterprise, the bridge of a Romulan Warbird, some ancient ruins (possibly on some distant planet or right here on Earth), etc. But the one scene that draws this page of the World Wide Web into being is pictured right below, and even above. It is New City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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